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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Base Life: Alabama part 2 : I forgot my Elementary years...

Alabama part 2:

Ok, I totally forgot that after living in Hawaii for 2 years, my dad got re-station back to Alabama. For the first half of my life I spent it living with friends of ours. The army didn't have housing for us right away so we had to stay off base with some friends for awhile. During this time I attending  a different elementary school.  I don't remember much about it. Other then on Fridays, it was know for popcorn Fridays and we got to have cheese popcorn. Yum!  Also, I remember this boy I like was a crossing guard and he open the door for me once. Other then that..not too much of my other school.

But at my other Elementary school,  I spent my 5th grade year being a school crossing guard. This was serious business.  I had to wake up at 4:00 am to catch my bus that left at 5:00 am. We had to be there  by 6:00 am (Yes my school was an hour away).  When we got to school, they had a closet that had our safety belts. It reminded me of being a hall monitor, but for outside. I remember wearing hot orange belts that had reflecting gear on it. It came across your chest and around you like a belt. Our job was to stop all the cars/buses and opening the doors for the kids who got dropped  off. We got to rotate on who would help carry the big stop signs for the car and who would open doors for the dropped off kids on a weekly bases.  I remember feeling so important.

My highlights:

Playing capture the flag with the WHOLE neighborhood..and seriously..we knew all of our neighbors. Everyone within a 2 mile radius came and played manhunt at least once or twice a week.  Especially in the summer time.

Defending my sister.  She came running home crying because a boy at our park threw sand in her eyes..nothing could hold me back from running and yelling at that kid.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Living as an army brat

Now that I'm older. I'm remembering how things were when I used to live on base and realizing that I miss some of the noises that happen. Not bad noises. Just noises that you wouldn't think of until a picture sparks your memory or the sound of something. I had one of those revelations yesterday. I was standing in line at a grocery store. I remember when I was little and my parents were shopping at a commissary, everyone had to stand in one line at the check out area. Then when the next cashier was available they would hit there button and an audible male voice would say, "Next Please". The next person would then move to their lane. The lane's light would be flashing and sometime there was someone who worked at the store helping assisting the customer to the next available lane. The lane had each a cashier and a bager. The bager's job was to bag your grocery, help carry them to your car in a special cart, and help unload them to your car. The cart reminded me of a dolly looking cart. You were expected to tip the bager after they unloaded your groceries. 

I also was remember watching my Dad salute to a special trumpet song that would play at a certain time while on base. I remembering the time being somewhere between 5-6pm (I just googled it..It was 5pm). No matter where any soldier were, they were to stop their car. Even if is in the middle of a traffic circle while driving (In which in one case it was for us). All the soldiers had to get out of their vehicle and salute the flag. It is out of respect that the soldiers do this. 

Just a few things that come to mind.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Through an Autistic Boy eyes

So, this summer I have been keeping busy with two jobs. Working at an Ice Cream store and also babysitting an autistic boy. I love working with Austic children. They just have a unique eye for things. They view situations alot differently then "us normal people". Or even how an adult would. For example, He was playing an fishing game on xbox. On one of the tournament rounds, he motored his boat towards another player (computer). Then the computer player comment box came up and said, "Greetings". He then proceeded to stop his boat and verbally replied. He said, "Hi" and then proceeded to waved at the t.v screen.

 I found this quite comical and thought I had to share

Infertility and shopping at Salvo

I was in Salvo trying on some clothes for my second job. While mid way through I hear from a young mom screaming at her baby. She was yelling at her daughter saying over and over, "DON'T CHEW THAT, THAT'S DISGUSTING"! Someone (and I assume it was her mom) said, "She probley doesn't understand you, she is just a baby".  Then the teen mom said, "I know, but I have to tell her how it is... She is chewing on something she isn't supposed to, so I have to tell her. That's disgusting!"

My first thought was seriously? God, I'm struggling for 9 years with infertility and I have to listen to this mother screaming at her baby for doing what babies do? Really?
Then I thought, this makes me really not even want to buy anything at this store. I can't stand listening to this teen mother screaming at her child. It's just too much. I then proceeded to put my clothes back where I found them and walk out of the store.  I thought this is crazy. Maybe I should just pay full price at a retail store or better yet, order online. Then I won't have to deal with ignorant people.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

How to make a Winter Hat Beanie Ornaments

These make for cute little gift ornaments. I grew up making these for Christmas every year.

Here is the list of things you will need: 
Toilet paper roll
Scotch tape

1.You take a empty toilet paper roll and cutting it in about a finger with wide ring (Just bending the circle toilet paper roll down and cutting across the width ).

2. Use scotch tape and tape around the rings give it little more strength for the yarn.

3. Cut the yarn into about 5 inch strips.

4. Fold the ends together and place yarn into the ring. Take your middle finger and ring finger through the loop. Pull the ends of the strings through your loop.

5. Continue step 4 until the loop is completely covered

6. When the ring is completely covered, pull in all the "tails" or loose string dangling at the bottom . Pull tails through the center of the paper ring.

7. Cut a separate strip of yarn about 5 -6 inches and go about a inch high from the brim of the ring and tie all those loose tails together with the single strip of yarn. Make a knot with your single strip that's holding your tails in tightly.

8. This will now form a hat. Tie the other end of your single strip of yarn to complete the ornament hanger.

9. Go about a inch from where you tied your tails and cut off the extra tail ends. This now will look as if your beanie had a ball top.
10. Place all the extra yarn in a ball and stuff in the center of your hat to help puff it up.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Welcome to Arizona....

...where it's hot! but the locals say, "It's hot, but it's ok. It's the dry heat". I say, "It still feels like a sauna"!!

Questions to ponder..

Somethings I just don't understand. Somethings I just want to ask God what his reasoning and purpose is on a certain situation. If I had a chance to ask God, I think I would ask him.... Why it seems that the people who can't take care of their own children, seem to have them abundantly Why it seems that these are the people who don't cherish or give their child any nurturing, love, or attention Why it seems that these people abandon their children to do what they want to do Why it seems that couples who do not have any children are so nurturing and loving have to suffer through infertility year after year?