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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Base Life: Alabama part 2 : I forgot my Elementary years...

Alabama part 2:

Ok, I totally forgot that after living in Hawaii for 2 years, my dad got re-station back to Alabama. For the first half of my life I spent it living with friends of ours. The army didn't have housing for us right away so we had to stay off base with some friends for awhile. During this time I attending  a different elementary school.  I don't remember much about it. Other then on Fridays, it was know for popcorn Fridays and we got to have cheese popcorn. Yum!  Also, I remember this boy I like was a crossing guard and he open the door for me once. Other then that..not too much of my other school.

But at my other Elementary school,  I spent my 5th grade year being a school crossing guard. This was serious business.  I had to wake up at 4:00 am to catch my bus that left at 5:00 am. We had to be there  by 6:00 am (Yes my school was an hour away).  When we got to school, they had a closet that had our safety belts. It reminded me of being a hall monitor, but for outside. I remember wearing hot orange belts that had reflecting gear on it. It came across your chest and around you like a belt. Our job was to stop all the cars/buses and opening the doors for the kids who got dropped  off. We got to rotate on who would help carry the big stop signs for the car and who would open doors for the dropped off kids on a weekly bases.  I remember feeling so important.

My highlights:

Playing capture the flag with the WHOLE neighborhood..and seriously..we knew all of our neighbors. Everyone within a 2 mile radius came and played manhunt at least once or twice a week.  Especially in the summer time.

Defending my sister.  She came running home crying because a boy at our park threw sand in her eyes..nothing could hold me back from running and yelling at that kid.

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